an open letter to high school me

Dear Danielle,

You’re actually spending your entire high school career being someone you’re not.

Your home life sucks, stop trying to act like you live in a perfect world. It is what it is.

While it’s not fair, one day you’ll be appreciative of all the hard things you encounter because it’s going to make you into a pretty cool person believe it or not.

You continuously put yourself out there and are involved in activities you’re not even interested in: pageants, homecoming court, student council, etc.

You get caught up in forcing yourself to hang out with the “cool” crowd (in a few years, most of them will all be irrelevant) instead of hanging out with people of substance that can benefit you.

You do everything in your power to avoid the obstacles that are in front of you instead of taking them on.

You’re lacking attention at home. Instead of getting attention from a parent, you usually are the parent.

You are living two different lives.

The teenage girl who had part of her childhood taken from her, and the teenage party girl who acts like her life is perfect.

While this is a great escape from the life you really live… I want you to be yourself. Don’t be ashamed of what is going on in your life. This is out of your control. I promise you if you take the time to surround yourself with different people (the “uncool” crowd, if you will) it would make all the difference in the world.

Surround yourself with positive influences: not the ones who get drunk and high all the time because it’s cool.

Surround yourself with nice girls: not the ones who talk down to others for being different. At the end of the day, the “real you” in your “real” life is also very different. Don’t be a hypocrite.

Surround yourself with guys who don’t look at you as just another piece of ass: Look, you have some daddy issues and momma issues. You don’t realize it yet but you do. Your dad has never been in the picture. At this time in your life, you haven’t experienced unconditional love from a man. Your mother has a whole list of issues ranging from narcissistic ways to addiction. You show love and attention to her and don’t receive it back. This isn’t fair, everyone should feel loved and like someone is there for them. You will learn how to cope with this as an adult and you will get through it. HOWEVER, jumping in the backseat of that truck will not make you feel loved and I can promise you that he will not be there for you like you are expecting.

Surround yourself with school work: you are so smart and you don’t take advantage of that. You don’t have someone checking your grades and saying they’re proud of you for your accomplishments so you don’t try at all. You are throwing so much away by doing that. You absolutely deserve to hear that you’re doing great and are capable of doing anything, however, you’re not in that situation. You need to push yourself and get whatever scholarships you can get. You don’t know this yet but after you graduate, you will financially be completely on your own. You’re going to have to pay for your own school, gas, food, car insurance, medical bills, etc.

Life doesn’t get any better after high school, Danielle. It actually gets worse. I need you to prepare yourself for the struggles you will continue to go through. Start becoming the best version of yourself now. Be nice to people. Do things that truly make you happy. Do your homework and study. Stay away from the shitty friends and boys. Don’t pretend your someone you’re not.

Make the most out of the issues you have going on, and let this motivate you to accomplish great things.

Most importantly, stop running from your issues.

You can’t run from them forever.

They will confront you and they will consume you and they will completely take over your life. Next thing you know, you’re a 20 something year old trying to figure out the life you’ve been given and trying to come to terms with all the bad cards you were dealt.

Sending lots of self love and a whole lot of kick ass, because you’ll need it.


your future self

5 thoughts on “an open letter to high school me

  1. You always amaze me with your words and your true feelings!! Sorry for how fast you had to grow up. Doesn’t seem fair. But oh your situations are there for someone else to learn from.
    I love you and admire everything about you. You are a Winner in my book.

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  2. I’ve always believed in you. Without obstacles, you’d never understand what it takes to being a winner….. you’re winning at life. Keep on keeping on. I’m very proud of you. My baby Daniella


  3. Girl, this brought tears to my eyes!!! I’m sorry I had no idea what all you had goin’ on when you hung out at the house with everybody. I tried to always make everyone feel welcome, but maybe they were the kids you were talkin’ about, they could all be lil punks.

    Just so you know, I couldn’t be more proud of you & for you, that you’ve risen above your circumstances & done so well for yourself. Nobody can take this from you!!! I wish you the very best in all that you do sweet girl!!! Love you always & endless prayers!!!



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