I could write 20 minutes of reading about 2019 and the lessons it taught me and the growth it brought me, but this will be short and sweet.

I always thought I was kind of tough but then the year of 2019 came.

2019 came into my life with death, loss, insecurities, self realization and jumped my ass.

It absolutey pushed me to my mental limits.

It left me feeling clueless, lost, and weak.

It broke me, but it also rebuilt me.

So here’s to 2020.

Here’s to applying what we have learned this year.

Here’s to choosing to be uncomfortable vs comfortable.

Here’s to realizing things we may not have wanted to realize.

Here’s to choosing to smile when it’s easier to frown.

Here’s to not letting anyone or anything get in the way of our growth and goals.

Here’s to unapologetically being ourselves and the best version of ourselves.


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