a blog post of simply just taking my anger out *in a healthy manner*

Great title, huh?

I think I’ve already stated somewhere once before about how important it is to show people that you love them, even if you assume that they already know.

If you didn’t, always make an effort.

Never stop making an effort to show someone that they are loved and that they matter.

Losing both of my parents this year taught me that. You know what else it taught me?

To not hold back my feelings and emotions.

I could probably just deactivate my Facebook account and keep quiet, but I don’t feel like holding back, so before I do…

SHAME on a lot of you.

I am upset.

Positive, happy-go-lucky, Danielle, has been sucked out of me and I ALLOWED that to happen by getting trapped into the world of Facebook and allowing myself to be “friends” on here with some of you.

Call me a snowflake, call me a hippie, and call me unrealistic.

I’d rather be known as the statements above versus insensitive, hateful, and narcissistic.

I can’t stand to read another uneducated or heartless rant on here in regards to racism or the LGBTQ community. I can’t stand to see everyone justify some of the horrendous things that have taken place and that have been said in this country.

I can’t stand to see that some of you are CHOOSING to remain complacent and blind to what is happening, because it doesn’t directly affect you.

I can’t stand to see that some of you have the AUDACITY to call yourselves Christians, and agree with such hatred that has been shown …oh, and then ironically have the nerve to wonder why people don’t want to be a part of your religion.

And I REALLY can’t stand to see myself get so worked up and so consumed with all of this negativity, because people are deciding to behave as such.

“Are you okay, Danielle?”

No, I’m not okay.

I lost what was “supposed” to be the two most important people in my life. I’ve been an empath and caretaker my whole life. I try to view things from all viewpoints due to that….

But to be honest, this is all fucking disgusting and it hurts to read and it hurts to watch everyday.

I don’t want to hear “well, that’s life”.

Perhaps yours, but it does not have to be a part of my life and I don’t have to be okay with it.

I refuse to look like a coward.

I refuse to allow any of this to harden my heart, because in all honesty, certain aspects of my upbringing and development into adulthood should have done that, and it didn’t.

It didn’t at all, which is probably why I’m SO disappointed in the lack of human decency and the selfishness shown all over my newsfeed.

When you face life alone, you view things differently. When you are alone and different from others, you think of things differently. But I’m not the only one alone, you all do realize that, right?

What about the other people who are alone in my situation and aren’t white and heterosexual?

What about Black people who have no parents? What about Mexican children who are taken away from their parents? What about the kids in foster care waiting to be adopted? What about the LGBTQ community who are capable of taking some of those kids in foster care and are denied? Discrimination against trans patients? (An American citizen being discriminated against in healthcare, do you realize how fucking crazy that sounds? For anyone to be denied, it’s nuts)

But are you gonna keep them in your prayers, too? Are you gonna donate to their gofundme, too? Are you going to think twice about their well-being like you did with me?

I am grateful to all that have reached out to me and shown love to me this past year. More than anyone knows, but that’s not what this post is about.

Half of you truly have not grasped what life is about and what truly matters which is probably why half of the country is so angry in the first place, including myself.

It shows. It’s LOUD AND CLEAR.

What will happen when YOU are facing things alone? What will happen when things start to affect YOU and YOUR CHILDREN?

Will you still act the same way? Will you still have the same views and same shitty demeanor?

A majority of my friend’s list on Facebook seem to value the American dollar more than their own dignity.

I once used Facebook to connect with others, spread positivity and humor, tried to make logical and respectful statements, shared photos with loved ones, announced the happy moments in my life, shared tons of memes, none of it matters anymore.

That shit is long gone.

I’ll use my voice to speak up for basic human rights and mental health matters elsewhere. I’ll share my success and monumental moments elsewhere.

But Facebook is not the place.

Facebook no longer deserves any of my energy or time at this point in my life.

Also, if you ended up reading all of this, welcome to my blog. Now, please go ahead and unfriend me on Facebook if ANY of this bothers you, so I won’t have to read your ignorance whenever I decide to return to this shit show in the future. That is when and IF things get better.

Perhaps once 2020 is over, perhaps not.

P.S. both candidates in the election this year are trash ✌🏼🙂

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