This is to the memory of you and us

July 17, 2020

This is to the memory of you and us.

This is to every laugh and intimate moment shared.

This is to every second we planned of our future and moving off together.

This is to every smile we put on each other’s faces.

This is to making our hearts home for each other.

This is to helping each other discover ourselves.

But this is also to the memories of every fight.

This is to the memory of anger.

This is to the memory of sadness.

This is to the memory of confusion.

This is to the memory of losing ourselves.

All the nights spent holding each other safely from the losses we faced in the world…

for the world to turn around and just quickly rip us apart.

It’s not fair.

But this is to you.

And how much I wish I could have stopped the world from crashing down around us.

How I wished I could have taken every ounce of pain and hurt from you

And how I wish you could have done the same for me.

You couldn’t save me.

And I couldn’t save you.

I had my troubles.

And you had yours.

I always believed that we’d work through it somehow.

I hoped our love was stronger than it all,

But I guess when you’re up so high,

There’s only a lot further to fall.

But there’s one last thing, this last bit is for you, too
Remember us at our best
as I will always try to remember you at yours
Remember us before all of the death and loss we experienced together.
Remember us before the sadness.
Remember us before the world turned us cold.

Danielle Caravella

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