an open letter to high school me

Dear Danielle, You’re actually spending your entire high school career being someone you’re not. Your home life sucks, stop trying to act like you live in a perfect world. It is what it is. While it’s not fair, one day you’ll be appreciative of all the hard things you encounter because it’s going to makeContinue reading “an open letter to high school me”

New year. Better me.

I don’t know about you all, but New Year’s resolutions stress me out. According to the dictionary, “resolution” means an act of resolving or determining: firmness of purpose. I’m already stressed reading that. I never carry out any of my goals. Probably because I set ones that are extremely high. While setting your goals highContinue reading “New year. Better me.”

Let’s Talk Toxic

It’s Thanksgiving. Everyone is saying what they are thankful for so here is my spill: I’m thankful for the little things. I’m thankful that I’ve allowed myself to grow. I’m thankful that I’ve realized it’s okay to put myself first.  I’m thankful that I’ve realized my time is valuable.  I’m thankful that I know how toContinue reading “Let’s Talk Toxic”