Social Media: kinda cool, kinda sucks lol

Eh this post isn’t really necessary, but typing my thoughts out and some self-manifestation seems to always help me more than I realize. I feel it’s time to refocus and recharge on what’s important for the next month or so. I haven’t published anything on here in so long because I’ve been so all overContinue reading “Social Media: kinda cool, kinda sucks lol”

This is to the memory of you and us

July 17, 2020 This is to the memory of you and us. This is to every laugh and intimate moment shared. This is to every second we planned of our future and moving off together. This is to every smile we put on each other’s faces. This is to making our hearts home for eachContinue reading “This is to the memory of you and us”

10 ways to show care and concern when your friend or family member has lost a parent.

It was my first Mother’s Day last month without my mom. I worked to take my mind off of things and cried on and off throughout the day. Grief is weird. Some days good, some days bad. It’s a rollercoaster to say the least. I learned that people don’t quite understand what to do inContinue reading “10 ways to show care and concern when your friend or family member has lost a parent.”

Secret of Yours

Sometimes, you clown  Attempting to bring laughter to those who frown.  Or maybe it’s just an attempt to hide your most recent mental breakdown.  To the world, you’re smiling Trying to not fall over your feet.  But eternally, you’re dying  Feeling lonely and incomplete.  It’s getting harder to hide, All those feelings you’ve kept lockedContinue reading “Secret of Yours”

life doesn’t give a shit about you

How’s that for a title? A little more bold than my previous titles. But it’s true. Life doesn’t give a shit about you. However, you need to give a shit about life. I’m probably going to repeat that 10x for the next 3 minutes along with my next statement: You have to take control of life before life controlsContinue reading “life doesn’t give a shit about you”

an open letter to high school me

Dear Danielle, You’re actually spending your entire high school career being someone you’re not. Your home life sucks, stop trying to act like you live in a perfect world. It is what it is. While it’s not fair, one day you’ll be appreciative of all the hard things you encounter because it’s going to makeContinue reading “an open letter to high school me”

New year. Better me.

I don’t know about you all, but New Year’s resolutions stress me out. According to the dictionary, “resolution” means an act of resolving or determining: firmness of purpose. I’m already stressed reading that. I never carry out any of my goals. Probably because I set ones that are extremely high. While setting your goals highContinue reading “New year. Better me.”